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    ? ? ? ?The company was founded in October 2013, should be established in railway aluminum alloy welding and processing needs.The company has more than 240 employees, more than 40 technical personnel, technical personnel with two-dimensional, three-dimensional design ability, with large mold design, production ability.With a total investment of 300 million yuan, covers an area of 57.33 mu, building area of 2.4 square meters, include office buildings, machining workshop, welding workshop, new material workshop, assembly workshop, surface treatment workshop and laboratory, etc., to purchase 4 sets of large imported moulding equipment, product moulding mold 10, 30 meters large imported machining center 2 units, two large-scale imports of friction stir welding equipment,Laser welding equipment 5, resistance welding equipment 5, Phonis MIG ...

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    TangShang HongZheng JiXie

    Record number:冀ICP備15016105號-1

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